baby's on fire (_worstaccident) wrote in nosleeptilto,
baby's on fire

your name krista elizabether bernardo

age in 15 years: i'll be 33

where do you live? Hoffman Estates

do you like it there? it works

if you could move anywhere, where would you go? no sleep til to


can you cook? fo sho

best dish you can make? uhhh

name of first stuffed animal? i dunno

do you collect anything? stickers, flyers, peoples IDs

celebrity whose clothes you'd tear off and ravage? brody armstrong, shirley manson, courtney love

do you believe other life forms exist in the universe besides our own? ya never know

what did you want to be as a kid? writer

what do you want to be now? fashion photographer

do you take your vitamins? i dunno

dating anyone? uhhhh

ever have imaginary friends? not that i know of

gone to a strip club? Nopt yet


80's cartoon: hmmmm

soda: sprite

band/group: nirvana, bikini kill .. fuck this im not naming them all

time of day: late at night

smell: i must admit,... that i love the smell of smoke on leather

food: none .. eh, well, cheese

alcohol: haha rum and coke thankyouverymuch

movie: the exorcist, breakfast club, frida, boondock saints, requeim for a dream, and theres many more

random thing to yell at people: DRUNKEEEE

new kid on the block: joey

tv show that's been cancelled: hmmm

colour: black blue lime green purple

brand of sneaker: converse

comic [book/strip]: none

celebrity you love to hate: uhhhh

famous artwork+artist: the face of mae west - salvador dali and anything by frida kahlo

place you've never been: toronto

place you have been: uhh

season: fall

shampoo/conditioner: Garnier Fructise

candy bar: fifth avenue

country: CANADA

subculture:pretentious artsy fuckheads

place to hang out on a friday night: denny's or johns house

place to go when you want to be alone: my room

magazine: hmmmm

reality show: project runway

article of clothing: my grandma skirts, legwarmers, and my canadian flag shirt fo sho

book: crosses

comedian: zach and hambone

excuse to use when calling out of work: hmmm i never said anything clever. damnit

lucky charms shape: horshoe or clover

ghosts or zombies: Zombies...
aquateen or south park: south park

troma or full moon productions: TROMA

rob a dunkin donuts or 7-11: 7-11

video games or dvd: DVD

burp or fart: does it reaslly matter?

diner or bar: 1950s diner,

streak a mall or get caught cross dressing: Streak a mall

simpsons or family guy: Family Guy

x-ray vision or ability to read minds: ability to read minds

cowboys or ninjas: Cowboys...

pillow or blanket: Blanket
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